The idea of „Inclusion office“ was born  on one of the events within Inclusion Erasmus+ project. We thought that is good to include students to do something good for University, to develop Inclusion idea trought their perspective. There are five students who is  working in the office and they maked projects with inclusive stories, activities.  Also a lot of other students worked on projects and activitiesas well. Mentors of office team are prof. dr. Amra Tuzović and dr Maja Đurić. Some of projects were “Big white house”, “Rare but equal”, “Inclusion dictionary”, a few humanitarian actions, “Sport mornings”, and ect. Every project was good and succesfull for everybody who was included in any way. Students in Inclusion office and others think that every move is good for realizing inclusion in life. The main goal of ever story in the office is to make high education possible for everybody and to improve empathy. Next generations have to do it better and make underrepresented groups more protected and provide them normal approach to student life. Because all of us make  inclusion, all of us are different with different needs.

Inclusion Office, UNT, BiH